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Groundbreaking 4-week formula of express foreign language learning by Cristian Pettersson

Cristian Pettersson, 64, a polyglot who fluently speaks 20 languages, presented his innovative 4-week language learning formula to the British. It allows you to easily start communicating in a foreign language really fast. This method created by the Danish polyglot challenges traditional schools.

75,000 Brits have already given up on ineffective traditional methods of language learning and started learning languages using the technique developed by Cristian Pettersson. Regardless of the age, education and capabilities, you can easily start to speak a foreign language in 4 weeks. And that's just the beginning, as you can use Cristian Pettersson’ method to learn 2, 3, or even 4 languages!

A challenge: a colleague from our editorial team tested Cristian Pettersson' method to learn Italian from scratch.

A colleague from our editorial team – Mark Benton – Head of IT, who’s known for his sceptical attitude to virtually everything, decided to try out Cristian Pettersson' method. Here is his report: "I burst out laughing. I thought to myself: 'How can you possibly make a 53-year-old guy speak Italian with ease in 4 weeks? And all that studying only 30 minutes a day?'

At the beginning I was really hopeless. I mixed up words and I was terrible when it comes to pronunciation. Forming sentences was really difficult. But with each subsequent lesson I burst with pride. After a few days I could understand simple sentences in Italian. And after a week I started speaking that language. Now, two weeks passed and I can order an espresso at a cafe without being embarrassed, or ask the hotel staff: Quanto costa una stanza doppia?

I have two more weeks left, but I can already recommend Easy Speaker today. If this method worked for a slow learner such as myself, I am more than certain that it will work for everyone!"

How does the 4-week formula for instant language acquisition work?

Cristian Pettersson’ method is different from the traditional ones. You'll use it with pleasure and a childlike enthusiasm for learning. There is no place for boredom and fatigue. It took Cristian Pettersson 15 years to develop a special multimedia program for online language learning, where he included everything he knew about languages and everything that had allowed him to learn as many as 20 languages on his own. The method he created enables its users to start fluently speaking a language so quickly that he called it Easy Speaker.

Why does Easy Speaker deliver such fast results?

  • Firstly, it enables you to memorize everything five times faster, through the simultaneous use of several senses in the learning process.

  • Secondly, it helps to develop linguistic patterns in your brain, which are used automatically and naturally later on, when speaking a foreign language.

  • Thirdly, it prevents you from forgetting vocabulary. Therefore, learning with Easy Speaker resembles quick installation of a language in the brain and has nothing to do with intense and tiresome studying of a language.

  • vocabulary permanently memorized

  • vocabulary encountered, but not permanently memorized

Compare how the brain memorizes vocabulary depending on the adopted learning methods

  1. a method that builds a network of associations and assumes repetitions at suitable intervals
  2. traditional methods
  3. mechanical revisions

Who is Cristian Pettersson’ method suitable for?

No matter if you start from scratch or if you speak a foreign language very well – this method will make the language learning process three times faster. If you learn from scratch, after 4 weeks you will effortlessly communicate in a new language. If you have previously mastered the basics, it will help you improve your pronunciation and you will learn approx. 200 new words a day. And if you now have proficient language skills in the given language, Easy Speaker will help you master 2, 3 or even 4 languages in the fastest possible way.

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Read the comments to the article “Groundbreaking 4-week formula of express foreign language learning by Cristian Pettersson”

I used to speak Italian fairly well and then I forgot a lot. I decided to get down to work, because it would have been a shame to give up on it. At first, I studied from my old textbooks, but I had no motivation. Then I ordered Easy Speaker, a really great deal. I recalled everything real fast and I learned 2000 new words. Now, I’m planning a major revision of grammar rules.
German master
If you study on your own, you can learn to read texts, that’s all, I don’t believe in stuff like this. I passed an A-level and got the highest grade, but I had to swot for the exam over a really long period, you’ve got no idea how much money me and my parents spent on private classes. It is impossible to achieve all of this while learning at home. No program will replace classes with a language teacher.
I can’t study on my own, somehow I can’t find motivation and need someone to tell me what to do and supervise the learning process, as otherwise I simply can't get down to it. I try to do some listening at home, read texts in German as much as possible, but I think I also learn a lot at school (I go to the Eurospeak school), because someone immediately checks my pronunciation. I really admire those who can learn from scratch on their own:)
years of learning Italian and my language skills were still at B2... That’s the education system we have here in the UK. I also studied German, but my language skills were really poor. And it was worth learning that language, because I live near tourist resorts, sanatoriums and places where many Germans spend their holidays and people with German skills can get a job.
Easy Speaker helped me to learn Italian. During my recent visit to Sicily, me and my Italian friends taught each other difficult words. It was really funny;D They showed me something and said how you say it in Italian and I said how to say it in English ;D Best one was “hungry”, which they pronounced as “angry” ;D But at home I study primarily with Easy Speaker, I also learn a lot by listening to Italian songs ;D and chatting ;D with the Italians I met in Sicily;D
I couldn’t learn on my own, but online courses really help me. I am satisfied with Easy Speaker. I’ve read the reviews, but the thing that convinced me was that if someone uses the method and fails, they get a refund.
My son totally ignored French at school, but this year I bought him the Easy Speaker and told he had a choice – either to spend an hour a day learning, or to be grounded. He improved his grades so I think the method is not bad.
Hi, everyone! Based on my own experience, I have no problems with learning. I even finally started to understand maths at college, then I graduated and went to university. But there’s something that I hate learning – foreign languages. Cramming vocab or grammatical rules (ugh!) – that's a torment to me. This refers to French, German (fairly complicated grammar, exceptionally nasty-sounding language) and Russian (I’m sick when learning grammar). It's not that I don't like learning by heart, just the opposite, I love filling my head with facts, but I definitely prefer reading textbooks in English, I always feel insecure when reading foreign-language texts.
A few months ago I wanted to buy it, but I decided to attend a language course instead. It was a group of 14 and it was a mistake. What pisses me off most is that adults don't study – and they pay for it. And in addition, they disturb the others who really want to learn. It’s unbearable. The atmosphere is too relaxed. It’s impossible to focus. You can't learn anything. The result is that at the end of 90-minute classes you can't say anything in a foreign language. You can’t speak a word even though you spent 90 minutes studying it.
My mum had to learn Italian quickly, she needed it for work, as her new boss was Italian and well... they said that he would not communicate in a different language, so she was in a tight corner. She ordered Easy Speaker and studied for an hour each day after work. She learned really quickly, but it also probably depends on how able you are :) I am now taking over the course and starting to learn Italian. I hope that I’ll master it as fast as she did and I’ll join her in Italy
I’m fed up with being embarrassed that I don't know any foreign language. I don't want to make a fool of myself every time they ask me about it during a job interview. I’m buying it, especially since they offer a guarantee on their website and today they have some sort of a special promotion. Let's get down to work! :)
Oscar Wilson
Huhh, a funny story... I ordered Easy Speaker for my father’s 60th birthday. I thought: He keeps saying: “I’d like to go to Germany”, but he still just sits at home. Maybe if he learns German, he’ll finally be able to go there. My father said he was really happy with the gift, but he didn’t rush to study. But I visited him a week ago and I heard him talking on the phone in German as if he’s been doing it forever. I was shocked and asked him 'Dad, do you know German?' 'Of course, I did the course you gave me.' 'You learned German from scratch in a month?' 'Why not?', he said. Now I bought the French course, because I've always wanted to visit the vineyards of the Loire Valley.
I've just started learning Italian. Recently I’ve been learning vocab with a free online glossary, but the results are really poor. I started to think about giving Easy Speaker a try, because a friend of mine said that the course was quite interesting and that seeing the results motivates you to study more. And how would you assess this course?
Hi, I use Easy Speaker, mainly to learn vocab. What I like most about it, is that it helped me to overcome my psychological barrier and the fear of speaking a foreign language. I used to break out in a cold sweat at the thought that I had to say something in French. And now I initiate chats myself whenever I meet foreigners at a bus stop or in a bar.
jessie p
Before I started using Easy Speaker I knew some basics of German, but this method helped me to improve my pronunciation and learn vocab, which is sufficient for 90% of conversations. In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than learning only from books. If you do so, you speak broken German and it sounds funny. Easy Speaker helped me get rid of both of these problems.
I think it's best to watch foreign films and TV shows. That makes it really easy to remember new words and grammatical structures. First, you don't get anything, but then everything suddenly becomes clear and you understand both the written and the spoken language.
Quite a good idea, but who’s got that much time... I work and I can spend max. 30 minutes learning a language a day, not a minute more. With Easy Speaker you also learn several times faster, because the content you learn has been selected. When watching TV shows there is a lot of vocabulary that you will never use in practice, especially in crime or historical series.
Can someone tell me exactly what this method is about?
English teacher
I tried out dozens of methods of foreign language learning, including this one. Thanks to this method I learned Dutch and Norwegian. It’s roughly about learning vocab and grammar structures that are related based on given topics and in terms of pronunciation. These are strictly selected phrases that are the most important ones in a given language. Nothing sophisticated. The core that you need in order to communicate in any language in as little as 4 weeks. In addition, you learn a language using all the senses, so you memorize everything fast. I would recommend it to everybody who has no patience for traditional methods.
I think it works quite well, but there are better solutions, e.g. you can move abroad for a year or find a private tutor.
rolf j.
I couldn’t agree more with mikey. But it would be best to be born abroad – it’s the best and the cheapest way :p Have your children abroad, let them learn, and then return to the UK:)
I think that it’s worth learning languages, because it allows you to travel wherever you want and communicate without any difficulties. It's not even about getting diplomas, etc. You can simply have friends all over the world, it's a great thing. I already know 2 languages, but as I read your opinions I started wondering whether maybe I should start learning Italian with Easy Speaker, it has always been my dream:)
Over a month ago I had an opportunity to test the language skills that I had acquired with Easy Speaker in practice on a large scale, in Spain. The local people asked me where I had learned the language so well and were shocked when I told them that I had done it using my laptop. I spoke Spanish wherever I could and I was in my element. When I made a mistake or ran out of words the locals were always very helpful. I’m a perfect example that you can learn a foreign language really well on your own, if only you have the appropriate support and overcome the psychological barrier that prevents you from speaking a foreign language.
Hi, I need to learn the basics of French really fast. I'm looking for an optimal and, most importantly, effective method to learn it. I have very little time. Do you think that Easy Speaker would help me?
read the comments above :p they’ll tell you
Jeg kan norsk etter 30 dager – here is my testimonial:)